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          重磅 | 凱斯銳出擊德國埃森展 實現品牌全球化

          時間:2017-09-25 22:47:36 分享到:

           重磅 | 凱斯銳出擊德國埃森展 實現品牌全球化 

          Big News |KASRY attend Germany Essen Fair Achieve brand globalization








          展位:15號大廳 E63


          Shandong Kasry Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd . attend 2017 Germany Essen International Welding and Cutting Exhibition

          Date :Sep 25th to Sep 29th 

          Address :Germany Dusseldorf Exhibition Centre

          Booth :Hall 15 Stand 15E63




          Germany Essen Welding and Cutting Exhibition every four years one time, is the world's largest and most authoritative welding professional exhibition, showing a full of innovation and vitality of the welding field, can reflect the current international welding technology status and development trends.




          KASRY --Chinese enterprises which rapid development in cutting filed , world pipe profile overall solution provider . The exhibition will be based on technology, products and solutions, clearly define and cut into the global marketing strategy.




          As a wave of globalization in China, Kasry equipments, especially the tube cutting, special-shaped tube cutting and H-beam production line had wined great reputation from international buyers and professional customers already.


          Combined with the development of the first half of 2017 situation,  integrating with continuous market spread ,high-quality after-sales service and other brand integrated marketing , Kasry overseas market sales keep rising sharply.




          This exhibition kasry will show technology, expand economy and trade, seek cooperation, and learn about the latest technologies and latest products in the global manufacturing field.



          Kasry looking forward to cooperating with you sincerely!



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